Best Instagram spots in Dundee

Best Instagram spots in Dundee

Dundee, Scotland’s 4th-largest city and the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design, certainly isn’t short of recent plaudits:

  • Dundee is becoming Britain’s coolest little city” [GQ Magazine (2015)]
  • A coastal college town, Dundee has emerged as Scotland’s coolest city” [The Wall Street Journal (2017)]
  • It was named as one of the top 22 places to visit in 2018 by Bloomberg

Yep, that’s right, everyone is going crazy for Dundee at the minute! And I thought I’d give you a wee taste of what the city has to offer by sharing some (9, to be exact) of the best Instagram spots in Dundee with you!

9 best Instagram spots in Dundee


1. The McManus Galleries

The McManus is an art gallery and museum situated in the heart of Dundee! Built in 1867, it has 8 different galleries providing a wide range of artistic and historical exhibits! If you love art or want to learn more about Dundee and its fascinating history, then this is the place to visit! Oh and if you hadn’t noticed … it’s also pretty photogenic!


2. Discovery Point and RRS Discovery

The RRS Discovery was built by the Dundee Shipbuilders Company in 1900 for The British National Antarctic Expedition of 1901-04; this was the first official British exploration of the Antarctic regions. And in 1986, the Discovery returned to its birthplace where it now serves as a museum and a main tourist attraction of the city.


3. Desperate Dan

This is one of the most fun Instagram spots in Dundee . . .

You will find this 8 ft tall statue of Desperate Dan in the city centre, next to the City Square. And for those of you who don’t know, Desperate Dan is the main character and hero of ‘The Dandy’ comics produced by Dundee’s main media company, D.C. Thomson.

More about Dan:

Dan is a wild west character and was originally a ‘desperado’ always getting in trouble with the law (hence his name, Desperate Dan); however, deep down he has always had a good heart and as such, he developed into a friendly character that helps the people in his town (particularly the underdogs).

It can be said without doubt that Dan is one cool dude! He is super strong and can lift a whole cow over his head with just one hand! He is so tough that he shaves his beard with a blow torch, and sleeps on a pillow filled with building rubble! And his appetite is so big that he constantly eats huge meat pies made out of an entire cow; in fact, the cow’s horns and tail even stick out of the pastry of the pies he eats!


4. The Howff

The Howff is a historic burial ground right in the centre of Dundee, next door to the D.C. Thomson headquarters. It is over 450 years old!! Crazy, right?!

The land on which The Howff sits was once part of the Greyfriars Monastery established in Dundee by Devorgilla, the mother of John Balliol (King of Scotland, 1292-1296). More specifically, this land served as the monastery gardens.

The last person to be buried here was George Duncan, a Dundonian merchant and politician (MP) who died in 1878.

And as you can see above, The Howff really is one of the most stunning Instagram spots in Dundee on an autumn’s day!


5. Broughty Castle

Broughty Castle is a 15th century castle located in the Dundee suburb of Broughty Ferry. It sits right on the banks of the River Tay and offers fantastic views of Broughty Beach and the Tay estuary in general.

This historic coastal fort was originally built to help defend Scotland from increased English naval activity on the east coast. It experienced many battles and sieges over the years. And since 1969, it has housed a free museum operated by Dundee City Council.

But how does it rank among all the other Instagram spots in Dundee? Well, it’s a castle … so I’d say pretty highly! I mean, who doesn’t want a castle on their Instagram feed?!


6. Tay Rail Bridge

The present structure is the second Tay Rail Bridge in history.

The original bridge was opened in May 1878, and the man who designed it (Thomas Bouche) actually received a knighthood for his work. However, on 28th December 1879, a violent storm swept over Dundee and part of the bridge collapsed; tragedy followed as a train travelling across the bridge at the time plunged into the icy waters of the Tay below … all 75 people on board the train died, and this incident became known as the Tay Bridge Disaster!

A new/second Tay Rail Bridge was built in place of the original and opened in 1887. But the stumps of the original bridge’s piers are still visible above the surface of the Tay today.


7. Dundee Law

Dundee Law is a 572 ft hill offering amazing views across the whole city; on a clear day you can even see as far as Fife. Therefore, it’s perfect for keen photographers, and is certainly one of the best Instagram spots in Dundee.

The Law has a fascinating history. It was the site of a Pictish settlement during the Iron Age. In addition, remains of Roman pottery dating from the 1st century (AD) have been discovered on the hill; this suggests that the Romans may have once used it as a lookout post. Furthermore, on 13th April 1689, Viscount Dundee raised the Stuart Royal Standard on the Law, marking the start of the first Jacobite rising.

The monument you see on top of the Law today is a war memorial (unveiled in 1925) honouring the memory of the Dundonian men who lost their lives fighting in the Great War.


8. HMS Unicorn

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This is the HM Frigate Unicorn, a.k.a the HMS Unicorn! First launched in 1824, it is the oldest British-built warship still afloat! The HMS Unicorn was built at Chatham Dockyard in Kent (England) during a period of peace following the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815), in which Britain's navy had been very active! As it was not required for immediate service, the Unicorn was placed into reserve, and it remained in reserve in southern England for almost 40 years before being moved to Dundee in 1873! For nearly a century, the Unicorn mainly served as a training ship for the Royal Naval Reserve in Dundee! It also acted as the HQ ship for the Senior Naval Officer in Dundee during both World Wars! What's more, on the 14th May 1945, a German U-boat (U-2326) surrendered at Dundee, and its Captain and Executive Officer were initially brought aboard the Unicorn for processing! The Unicorn retired from naval service in the 1960s, and was then converted into the museum ship that it is now! The Unicorn was never rigged in all its years in the navy, and the only time it actually travelled across the sea was when it made the journey from the south of England to Dundee, but even then it moved under tow! This lack of activity left it in very good condition – hence why it made sense to turn it into a museum! Today, the Unicorn is one of the best preserved wooden ships from its era in the world!

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The HMS Unicorn is the oldest British-built warship still afloat. And you can find it stationed at Dundee’s Victoria Dock.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worthy of a place on your Instagram feed!


9. Strawberry Bank

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The loveliest long cobbled lane in Dundee which leads from Perth Road down to Magdalen Green. Magdalen has it’s Sunday bandstand concerts starting soon. Oh and of course @lovewestfest this Sunday too – hope to see you there! 10,000 expected but I’ll lookout for you! Having a wonderful weekend stay at @urban_quarters apartments on South Tay Street. Dundee is tropical this weekend and we are having the best family break! . In part posting this in some joy have created an location for the street – proud about this as I’m not very techy but sitting on some steps on the the lane itself I managed to create the location on favebook and then a few days later it seems now to have appeared on @instagram Woop 🙌🏻 . DID YOU KNOW! Dundee has been described as ‘One of 22 destinations that is especially hot in 2018 – Bloomberg @bloomberg // . One of the coolest, smartest, most cultured and confident cities Britain has – Condé Nast Traveler @condenasttraveller // . Dundee is the coolest little city in Britain – GQ @britishgq // . A top destination in 2018 for adventurous sophisticates, curious foodies and deep pocketed beach bums – The Wall Street Journal @wallstreet.journal // . One of the hottest places to go on holiday in 2018 – The Guardian @guardian . Went exploring Broughty Ferry midweek and discovered Long Lane which it would appear is even longer, can anyone confirm? It’s pretty in parts too I found must get a photoshoot here too . #lovewestfest #dundee #visitdundee #Scotland #VisitScotland #VisitBritain #BBCBritain #BBCTravel #GuardianTravelSnaps #ig_scotland #UK #LoveGreatBritain #BritainOnTheRoad #PassionPassport #scotlandsites #watchthisinstagood #justgoshoot #BestVacations #worldtravelbook #topukphoto #travellingtheworld #travellingthroughtheworld #theprettycities #guardiancities #lonelyplanet #postcardsfromtheworld #topeuropephoto #roamtheplanet #dundeewestfest

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Found in the west side of Dundee, Strawberry Bank is a picturesque cobbled lane running for roughly 1 km between Perth Road and Magdalen Green. Oh and Magdalen Green is actually Dundee’s oldest city park; it has a beautiful bandstand built in 1890 that you might want to stop by whilst your in that area and get a quick photo of too!


So that’s it . . .

9 of the best Instagram spots in Dundee!

Obviously, there are a whole load more of incredible places in Dundee to get Instagram pics, but this is just a few to start you off. Perhaps I will look at some of the others in a future post.



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